The Glitched World (AKA *&___TWRE) is a glitched area in FNaF World that can be accessed by pushing against certain objects for about 2-3 seconds. The Glitched World is the most useful place to find characters.

Glitched Object Location

DF Rock

The circled rock is one of the glitched objects

In the Dusting Fields, you can glitch against the topmost rock against the borders near the dancing shadow. In Choppy's Woods, the access point there is a white bird (a yellow bird in the 8-bit version) on a stump, close to the jump point there. Finally, the Blacktomb Yard's access point is the gravestone that is directly above the "bottom left most" gravestone.


This is where you can go in the Glitched Dusting Fields Area:

Gltich BarriersDF

Red Chest Location

DF Chest

You can go from the glitched rock to this red chest

•Enemies you can encounter• %__^^&(




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