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I'm taller in person.

- Nightmarionne's loading message.

Nightmarionne is a character in FNAF World. It first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition, as one of the antagonists of the game that replaced Nightmare on nightmare mode. Nightmarionne is playable in Update 2.


Nightmarionne is a puppet animatronic and the nightmare version of Marionette. Its head looks the same as its Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloweeen Edition core counterpart except it has bigger irises. This probably makes it less scary. It also has a notably more robust body than its main series counterpart. He has very stubby legs unlike his normal creepy looking counterpart


In order to unlock Nightmarionne, the player must beat the minigame Foxy.exe.

Role in Game

Nightmarionne's role in the game is to help the player along with other party members to defeat all the enemies and bosses. Nightmarionne is mostly a damager, and supports the party with Bubble Breath.

Nightmarionne's attacks are: Prize ball 2, an Yellow attack that summons an random high tier attack, Bubble Breath, an Pink attack that is vital to survive from the Geist`s lair toxic atmosphere and finally 4th wall, an purple attack that hits several enemies, ignores defenses and does huge amounts of damage.

  • Prize Ball 2 - A yellow attack that does a random high-tier attack.
  • Bubblebreath - A pink attack than protects the current party from the toxic air in the Geist Lair.
  • 4thwallatk - A purple attack that deals high damage to all enemies while ignoring defenses.

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  • When it attacks, Nightmarionne's arms and fingers spread out, causing them to take on the appearance of wings and spins in mid air
  • While Nightmarionne is colorless, its attacks are colorful.
  • It is unknown why Nightmarionne has different appearance from Marionette and Phantom Marionette, as that would save more time for Scott by reusing old models.
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