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Were you looking for Adventure Shadow Bonnie/RWQFSFASXC's counterparts?: Adventure Bonnie, Adventure Toy Bonnie, Adventure Nightmare Bonnie, Adventure Withered Bonnie, Adventure Springtrap, Adventure Spring Bonnie, Adventure Plushtrap, Adventure Endoplush or possibly White Rabbit?


- RWQFSFASXC's loading message

RXQ is a supporting and unlockable character in FNaF World due to all its moves being support moves, albeit more offensive with Haunting and Mimic ball.


RWQFSFASXC, also known as Shadow Bonnie, or Adventure RWQFSFASXC is a completely black animatronic resembling Toy Bonnie or Spring Bonnie. The names Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Toy Bonnie were fan-made names made up by the community, but the real name was found in the source files of FNaF 2. You have to run through a yellow (white in the 3D Overworld) bird on a stump in Choppy's Woods and while you glitch through objects you can battle it(Note: In the 3D version, the yellow bird is white). You can also find it going through the Pinwheel Circus. It is a Sprite Edit of Toy Bonnie and White Rabbit.

Role In Game

RWQFSFASXC is a playable character, as with the other animatronics. RWQFSASXC is one of the rarest characters in the game.

RWQFSFASXC cannot cause direct damage,however,it is great supporting characters due to its ability to mimics every attack, and reviving/give extra life to the party.

RWQFSFASXC's attacks are:

  • Haunting bu - a yellow attack that can turn enemies to stone.
  • Mimic Ball- a yellow attack that temporary mimics every used attack.
  • Gift Boxes - a Yellow attack that revive/gives the party an extra life.

Shadow Bonnie one of the only characters in FNAF World to only have one color of attack. The others are: Chica, Marionette, Phantom Freddy, and Balloon Boy (BB).

Which Shadow do you like the best?

The poll was created at 00:45 on January 23, 2016, and so far 829 people voted.

  • Shadow Bonnie and the Paper pals are the only ones that have all yellow attacks.
  • On its loading screen, its name is marked as "RWQFSFASXC".
  • On the Party page, it's called "RXQ", which is assumed it would be just a shortened version of their name.
  • Shadow Bonnie's movement is impossible for a creature with an Endoskeleton to mimic, as it moves too fast for a creature to copy, this is even more explained by its attacking animation, which it literally dismembers itself.
    • This animation bears a strong resemblance to Shadow Bonnie's movement in FNaF 3's Glitch Minigame, where Shadow Bonnie seems to glitch around when walking or even outright moving.
    • Shadow Bonnie is one of the three party members that attack animation involving dismembering itself, along with Endo-01 and Endo-02, Shadow Bonnie is the only one of the 2 that isn't an anamatronic, but is implied to be a ghost or a shadow.
  • Shadow Bonnie is one of five characters that can be fought in the Glitch World, the other being Nightmare Bonnie, Crying Child, Endoplush,and Springtrap
  • There is an error in RXQ's name, as its short name is RXQ, but its long one is RWQFSFASXC.
  • This could just be an error made by Scott.
  • When encountering RXQ, its battle name is ???.
  • RWQFSFASXC loading message referencing its name is pronounceable.
  • The enemy White Rabbit is a palette swap of it.

In game Gallery

Teaser Gallery

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