Were you looking for Blacktrap's counterpart Beartrap?

Blacktrap is an enemy fought in FNaF World.


Blacktrap is an animate beartrap that has been damaged to the point where it is jagged and dirty. Unlike its Blacktomb Yard counteryard, Beartrap, they have next to no color and have endoskeleton eyes. The reason for their dirty color is most likely due to the fact that mines are often filled with dust, this explains why they barely have any color.


Blacktraps are fought in Deep-Metal Mine. In addition to their basic attack, they can use Esc Key against the player's party.

In FNaF World

Blacktrap, like Beartrap, is an enemy. They resides in Deep-Metal Mine.

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  • They were not introduced in FNaF World teasers.

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