Chipper is an unlockable character added to the Update 1.2 for FNaF World. He is unlocked after completing Chica's Magic Rainbow in less than three minutes. He also comes from one of Scott Cawthon's previous games, Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.


He is brown, bit of orange, furry with a cheerful expression, a mass of brown hair on his head. His eyes are blue, and he has whiskers. Typically following the appearance of beaver as well as the standard appearance of a animatronic in FNaF. The only thing that stands out about him are the blue overalls he`s wearing and the wagging beaver tail.


  • Chipper is one of the only three playable characters to NOT be an animatronic, the others being Scott and the Crying Child. Though he does become a robot when he is a boss character.
  • His game might have been an inspiration for FNaF.
  • He does not have an attack animation.