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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

"The show will begin momentarily, everyone please stay in your seats."

Baby, speaking to the player at the end of Update 2.


Circus Baby is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. She is mentioned by the Desk Man, and she may have killed the Desk Man. She may have also said how something is a sanctuary at the start of the game.


Circus Baby is a female character that is currently unseen in FNaF World except for two yellow glowing eyes.

Appearance in Sister Location

Circus Baby is a animatronic with who wears a red dress, has a small red nose, with two red pigtails on the top of her head,She has bright reddish pink cheeks and short eyelashes, along with a red microphone. She has dispensable ice cream and fingers that can blow up balloons. She describes that she feels no longer herself at one point in the game, when explaining her back story. If you solve the Ice Cream minigame you will find she murdered a young blond girl by sucking her into her suit.

Role in Fnaf World

During the Chica's Magic Rainbow Ending, her creation is mentioned by Desk Man who claims it is too late to stop her. Afterwards, the lights turn off in the room and Circus Baby's two glowing, yellow eyes appear in the darkness. She then speaks:

"The show will begin momentarily, Everyone, Please Stay in your Seats!"

The sounds can be heard in the dark before the lights turn back on. Desk Man appears dead with his face on the table, blood spilling out, implying that she may have killed him.

Role in Sister Location

Circus Baby is the main antagonist in FNaF Sister Location.

  • Baby is voiced by Heather Masters.

Update 1: Lolbit - DeeDee - 8-bit Fredbear - Old Man Consequences - Desk Man

Update 2: Baby

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