The clock is used to get to the minigames. It gives you information about the story of FNaF World. Finding the clocks require the player to talk to Fredbear and wait for a few seconds when the done screen shows up.


The minigames are black and white, and each one has a timer. But you only have a certain amount of time before the timer stops. The minigames are activated once touching the clock.


  • Fazbear Hills - Push the BB sillhouete to the box.
  • Dusting Fields - Light up the boxes on the order upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right.
  • Mysterious Mine - Push the 4 cupcakes into the boxes.
  • Lilygear Lake's Mysterious Mine - Stand on the box on the middle.
  • Pinwheel Funhouse - Push the Bonnie shillouete into the box.

After getting all clocks, there will be a portal on a place close to Lilygear Lake on Choppy's Woods. It will trigger the Clock Ending.


  • Although Scott said that FNaF World has nothing to do with FNaF lore, it is heavily speculated that the Clocks are somehow related to the FNaF lore.
  • It could be that the clocks indicate different time periods of the FNaF Lore.

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