Cupcake is a starter attack used exclusively by Chica and Toy Chica, and one of the very few attacks that doesn't harm or debuff enemies in any way.


Cupcake is the FNaF World version of the classic heal spell, and as such, its main use is healing other party members, but will be severely outclassed by Medpods, and is not advised to later areas or final bosses. Cupcake summons an abundance of cupcakes that fall from the sky and land on the ground, after this happened, the Cupcakes will heal the active party, just like all other Pink attacks (minus party favors). Cupcake wasn't made to be used on enemies and is a buff to the party - rather than an actual attack.

  • The Cupcakes that appear are based off the cupcake from FNaF 2, due to their blue eyes and similar appearance.
  • Cupcake is one of the very first attacks introduced in FNaF World, as it was present in the first trailer.


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