Dogfights are a type of enemy in FNaF World found in Pinwheel Circus. They resemble purple fighter airplanes.


Dogfights are purple colored biplanes that have blue eyes which look like goggles. They have a silver colored propeller and a red center. They also have 2 small wheels that would probably be used for landing.


Dogfights randomly attack the player in Pinwheel Circus. When fighting, they will sometimes use Waterhose instead of their basic attack.

In FNaF World

Dogfight is an enemy in FNaF World. They only appear in Pinwheel Circus. It is advised that you have a strong party when you fight these enemies.

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  • This enemy can only be fought in the Pinwheel Circus.
  • This enemy looks like a World War I style warplane, specifically a Sopwith Camel.
  • These enemies are the only enemies based off a vehicle.
  • Their name is a pun on dogfighting, which is a battle between fighter aircrafts.



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