Endo Army is an yellow attack used by Endo-01 and Endo-02. Endo Army is one of the most useful attacks in the game, due to how long the effect last as well as that they it can hit all enemies on screen.

Attack type

Endo Army is a yellow attack, meaning it is a support move. These can be used as overtime attackers, like the UFO bytes or the chips Freddle:Fury and Pizza:Fury.


Endo Army summons 3 Endoskeletons that have their right arms replaced with blasters, these blasters shoot small lasers that can damage any enemy on screen. While Endo Army isn't the most powerful attack in game, the attack can be active for an very long time, and is ideal for stacking up damages on enemies or bosses. It is advised to use this attack quite frequently on the final bosses of either Normal or Hard difficulty.

  • The Fan is the stronger counterpart of this support attack. Both of them shoot lasers.
  • The Endoskeletons are immune to damage. You don`t have to be worried if an attack like 4th wall or Snowball will hit them.
  • The blasters on the Endoskeletons look very similiar to Mega Man`s Mega buster or Samus`s arm cannon.


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