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Were you looking for Flan's counterparts: Rot or Seaweed?

Flan is an enemy in FNaF World.


Flan is a teal, jelly-like monster with yellow eyes. Flans have a curved mouth with small teeth.


Flans are encountered in the Dusting Fields. They use their basic attack and Balloons.

In FNaF World

Flan is an enemy in FNaF World. They can only be fought in the Dusting Fields.

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Is Flan a tricky enemy?

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  • Flan is named after a food named "flan". It also jiggles and is shaped like flan.
  • Flan, along with it`s counterparts, might be inspired by the classic RPG enemies, slimes.
  • flan is possibly based off of one of Scotts other games, the legacy of flan
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