Foxy.exe is one of the minigames in Update 2 of Fnaf World According to Nightmarionne, it is a second class horror game that requires his code which is transmitted by his voice. The player controls Bonnie with the A and D keys and has to LISTEN to Withered Foxy to find the key to beat the stages.


The player is first greeted with a screen that resembles a computer screen with a single tree in the background and an icon labeled "Foxy.exe" the screen to be tinted red and blood drips from the top of the screen.

In the first stage, Bonnie simply needs to walk to the end without dodging any kind of obstacles.

In the second stage, Withered Freddy may suddenly appear. When Withered Freddy appears, Bonnie must immediately walk in the opposite direction until Withered Freddy goes away. After Withered Freddy leaves , it is safe to continue. If It moves sufficiently, Freddy could hurt the player 

In the third step, you will have to deceive a wavy pattern kitten moving in his direction. To avoid this, Bonnie should underlying darkness, which is in the shape of the house. Sometimes you need to make a further step to avoid the cat.

Nightmarionne will be unlocked after beating this minigame.

  • Listen to my voice, and you will find the key
  • When you can see, how fast can you flee?
  • Be sure your step through the heart of madness
  • All your base are belong to us
    • If you get jumpscared 3 times he says "All your base are belong to us" referencing the meme of the same name
  • Withered Foxy screeching when the player beats the game.


  • Withered Foxy is voiced by Marc Martel.
    • Withered Foxy speaks pirates with a Canadian accent.
    • It is speculated that this voice is canon and might be used for a future installment of Five Nights at Freddy's, or perhaps the upcoming FNAF Movie.
  • It is an obvious spoof of the horror game Sonic.exe.

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