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Were you looking for Graveweed's counterpart Bouncepot?


As opposed to their counterparts the Bouncepots, which reside in Fazbear hills, Graveweeds are encountered in Blacktomb Yard. Graveweeds have two heads whereas Bouncepot`s only have one, The rest of the body is purple, white, black, and dirty yellow. 3 flies circle nearby Graveweed, making it seem more "rotten" than the Bouncepot, which has 2 flies circling near it.


Graveweed is an easy enemy if you have an updated and food party for the location Blacktomb Yard.

In FNaF World
  • Graveweeds are enemies to battle and defeat for Experience and Faz Tokens.

Audio Files

Is Graveweed a difficult enemy?

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  • They look very similar to Bouncepot. This might imply that Graveweeds are undead versions of Bouncepots.

Ingame Gallery


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Halloween Edition

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