Half-Bake is an strange creature that sports the appearance of an cake that has pink frosting, what seem to be strawberries, and three candles on the top. Half-Bake also has an face that is always in a angered state, which is very odd. The face has an mouth,eyes and "eyebrows." Strangely, Half Bake also owns an pair of purple arms with three fingers, as opposed to the rest of the body which has yellow, orange, black, white and red colors.

 When encountered they will attack and try to kill the player.

Role In Game

To act as a enemy, and to kill the player.

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  • Another cake-like enemy, Meringue, might have gotten inspiration from Half-Bake, due to the fact that both of them are live cakes.
  • Unlike Meringue however, Half-Bake actually has an face and arms, making it look less like an actual cake.
Ingame Gallery

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