Jumpscare is one of the earliest attacks you see in FNaF World, and is first used by Foxy.


Jumpscare is a stunning attack. Using it does no damage, but completely stops any enemies from attacking for a small period of time.

The amount of time for which the enemy is stunned is mostly random; however, the time is significantly cut short if you are facing an enemy more powerful than you.


When Jumpscare is used, white, spinning spirals appear on top of all enemies, and above the spirals, exclamation points are shown. The exclamation points quickly fade away, but the spirals stay for the duration of the stun.your member will take a deep breath then jumpscare


  • Jumpscare is a very glitchy attack appearance-wise. If an enemy jumps forward when you activate it, the spirals will stay where the enemy jumped to, having it spinning in front of them rather than on top of them. Spirals also stay above where an enemy was that you just killed. Lastly, if you use Jumpscare at the very end of a battle right before the victory screen appears, a random spiral will appear where the last enemy was. This glitch does not affect gameplay.
  • It is named after the classic horror move, jumpscare, which was used in the orginial FNaF series.
  • Jumpscare is the two red attacks that doesn't damage enemies, the other being Neon Wall 2.