Where you looking for Mechrab's counterpart: Chillax?


Mechrab look like an robotic crabs with a pink spiral-like shell, robotic legs and body with huge magenta eyes and lightblue eyelids. They also look alot like the enemy Chillax. At the end of the shell, there's an antenna with an red sphere on it.


Mechrabs are fought in Fazbear Hills. They can only use their basic attack.

In FNaF World

Mechrab are enemies encountered in Fnaf World. They are one of the very first enemies encountered in the game, and they are found in Fazbear hills.

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  • Mechrab's counterpart is Chillax.
  • Mechrabs were one of the very first enemies introduced in FNaF world, as they were present in the 1st trailer. In the trailer, their shell was colored yellow instead of the current pink color.
  • Mechrab's name is a portmanteau of "Mechanical" and "crab".



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