Where you looking for Mini P's counterparts?: TangleBrow Boy, Ball Boy, Half-Bake, Redbear, Big Jack, Xangle or P.Goon?

This character is based of Purple Guy, whom originally appears in the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Death Minigames.  


Mini P is the mini version of the infamous presumed main antagonist of the series, Purple Guy. While both of them are very similar, they do have some notable differences in their appearance. For example, Mini P has orange eyes with no pupils while Purple guy has black eyes with white pupils.

 When encountered they attack and try to kill the player.

Role In Game

To act as a enemy and kill the player.

What is your favourite Purple Guy Counterpart from the Halloween Edition?

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 Mini P appears near the end of the game near Purplegeist

Ingame Gallery

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Glitched Enemies:

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Halloween Edition

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