The Party Editor is a mechanic in Five Nights at Freddy's World.

The player can create two parties of four animatronics to use in battle, the party members can be rearranged at will, unless you are in Fixed Party Mode. If Mystery Box or Mystery Box 2 are used, the attack will create a random party to use just for that battle, and the effects will wear off after said battle.

The party list with most of the characters unlocked.


For a list of party members, refer to Characters.


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  • Before the 2nd update, there was 5 lines with 8 characters, thus ending with 40 characters. However, upon the 2nd update, there  are now 6 lines with 8 characters, thus having 48 characters on the game. This is problably why Nightmare Mangle wasn't added to the game,as it would have been 9 for 1 line.

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