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Basic Rules

1. No excessive swearing on chat or forums. Anywhere else will be a ban. (Block; one week)

2. Harassment is not allowed.

3. Do not advertise (Block; one month)

4. Do not spam or post a long message on someone's wall (Block; one week)

5. No Bullying or Abusing a person (Block; three days)

6. Do not start a Wikia Protest, War, Or Riot (Block; one week)

7. No caps Lock (to spam caps lock; Live chat kick)

8. Do not ping spams (to spam pings name or username only; Live chat kick)

9. No shock sites (Sometimes jumpscare/Scream; Live chat kick)

10. No sexual talk (Ban; 2 weeks)

11. No Copyrighted Images (if notified; 3 day ban per image)


First Offense: Warning.

  • Second Offense: 1 day ban.
  • Third Offense: 3 day ban.
  • Fourth Offense: 1 week ban.
  • Fifth Offense: 2 week ban.
  • Sixth Offense: Perma-ban.


Vandilism- To put unneccasary things on a article or removing content.

Spam- When you post something continuous.

Warnings- Given out by admins to warn you are breaking one of the rules that result in a ban.

Sockpuppet- User with 2 accounts for the same IP adress.

Sexual Talk- when you comment about your sex life.

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