Were you looking for Seagoon's enemy counterpart Colossal?

Or were you looking for Seagoon's stronger counterpart Supergoon?


Seagoons look like huge squids with huge black eyebrows and endoskeleton-like eyes. They have several huge menancing teeth and unlike squids or octopi, Seagoons have more than 8 tentacles. Seagoons also have bumps on their head.


Seagoons appear randomly on Lilygear Lake and immediately proceeds to attack the player. They can use Waterhose in addition to their basic attack. Just like Collosal, it will occasionally use Waterhose as an attack on the party.

In FNaF World

Seagoons are mini bosses in FNaF World. They appears at random at Lilygear Lake, Fredbear informs you of this before you enter Lilygear.

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Is Seagoon the hardest boss in FNaF World?

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  • Seagoon is the first boss to spawn randomly. With the other being Gold Endo.
  • Seagoon's head eerily ressembles a human skull.

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