Were you looking for Security's Halloween Edition counterpart Security?

Security is the final boss to the normal mode of FNaF world,found at the end of the world, Circus,or the World 6.


The appearance of Security is based off the mechanical OWL. Security has a mismatched eyes and two "satellites" hovering around him. There are 3 full rows of purple balls on his stomach, the precise use of them are unknown, but it is likely that as the energy source for safety. The most striking feature, however, is about the safety of his two incompatible eyes, in which the left eye is green, while the right eye is red.

Role In Game

Security is the final boss and an obstacle to the normal mode. Before the fight against security is, however, recommended that you have Endo-02, Endoplush or a auto:Shield chip because this is the only way to activate the Neon wall  that is capable of completely blocking his very malicious attack permanently. The alarm is able to kill five party members, if Neon wall is not activated. Security's normal attack is usually able to kill a party member instantly. Security has 100,000 HP. (as does Animdude)

  • Security first appears in FNaF World: Halloween Edition as an enemy.
    • Curiously, Security's appearance in the joke game looks completely different.
  • Security is one of the four bosses to have a trophy version, the others being Scott Cawthon, Chipper's Revenge, and Chica's Magic Rainbow(Character).
  • Security's name is a reference to its job - security.
  • Security might also be a nod to the term "night owl", since the security guards work late at night, and like owls, they keep watch.
  • It is possible that Security is a reference to Tinker the Owl, a character from Cawthon's previous game Chipper & Son's Lumber Co. Security is a robotic owl and Tinker is an owl that lives in the robot graveyard, sells robot parts, and whose name, "Tinker", is referring to the act of messing around or fixing robot parts.
  • When defeating Security in Hard Mode, the player gets double the XP and Fazbear Tokens than Security has in Normal Mode.
  • Security, like Scott Cawthon and Chipper's Revenge, can be one-shotted by the move Unscrew, but very rarely.
  • It is entirely possible that Security is the guard software of FNaF World, making sure that the player doesn`t make it to the end and the fact that it`s called "Security."



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