Were you looking for Snowcone's weaker counterpart Bouncer?


Snowcone has the appearance of an typical snowman, two big snowballs, one acting as the body while the other as the head, a carrot for a nose and two buttons on the body. Snowcone has two machine gun-like weapons on the body as weapons, Snowcone has red cheeks and a smile on its face, Snowcone also wears a top hat, which is colored blue.


In FNaF World

Snowcone is a late-game boss that guards one of the keys to Security. Snowcone can use Snowball like Bouncer does. He can also use Esc. Key to potentially KO multiple party members, or even use Toxic Bite to poison a party member.

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  • Snowcone is actually a stronger version of Bouncer, which is encountered earlier in the game.
  • Snowcone and Bouncer both miss the gatling guns on their 2D sprites, instead having completely white arms, most likely a mistake made by Scott Cawthon.

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