Souldozer is the boss of the minigame "Foxy Fighters." He is a character from one of Scott's older games, called "The Pilgrim's Progress."


He appears to have two drills on each hand attached and a larger drill on one side of each wheels. Inaddition, he also appears to have two more drills protruding from the back. He has eight lights below the engine.


Souldozer appears first at the back of the screen and he starts to go to the right and after the player defeats all enemies, he shows up and starts to speak to Foxy and Co. And after his dialogue the player must defeat him for winning the minigame.

In FNaF World


  • Souldozer: Fools! How dare you challenge me!
  • Souldozer: I wasn't fully appreciated in my last outing...
  • Souldozer: But now I'm back to show you my full power!
  • Souldozer: Fools! Turn back now and I'll spare your lives!
  • Souldozer: Or, more likely, I'll just chase you around and kill you anyway!
  • Souldozer: IMPOSSIBLE! You haven't seen the last of me!
  • Souldozer: Well, actually yes this is the last you'll see of me.

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