Before the Game Starts

The game appears with two eyes. They say:

"Everything that happens out there, has an effect here. Do you understand?"

"This is a safe place. This is a sanctuary. But something has gone wrong, and now it can be seen here."

"Something went very wrong. That's why I'm here."

"But I won't let the same happen to you."

"I will put you back together."

Fredbear's Lines

"I know you may feel like going out and taking a stroll, but something seems very wrong today."

"All is NOT well in Animatronica. Animatronic Village? Village-tronica? (We are working on it.) The point is that something is horribly wrong."

"There have been lots of bizarre creatures roaming around lately, even some that look like *gulp*"

"We aren't prepared to deal with situations like this. Something bad must have happened on the flipside."

"Go see what you can find. Be careful though, our wood-cutting Auto-Chipper has gone haywire! It has been jumpscaring me all day!"

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