Were you looking for Tombstack counterpart Totemole?


Tombstack is a black, totempole-like enemy with red eyes, black ears and white buck teeth. Its insides show a orange/brown color when it jumps up and down, strangely, Tombstacks appear to be stationary, yet the rest of the body is capable of moving. Tombstacks also have a brown tail at the base segment.


Tombstack is always jumping up and down while battling, which shows the inside of its body.

In FNaF World

Tombstack is an enemy in FNaF World. It is found in Deep-Metal Mine and can use Unscrew in addition to its basic attack.

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  • Tombstack is similar looking to Totemole.
  • Unlike Totemole, who`s segments move left and right, Tombstack`s segments move up and down.

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