The Trophies are silver statues that appear on the "Chose file" menu. They are awarded after the player achieves certain milestones.

List of Trophies

Security Trophy

SecurityTrophy It is a silver statue of Security without his "flying bullets". It is awarded after beating Security on Normal Mode.

Scott Cawthon Trophy

ScottTrophy It is a white/silver statue of Scott Cawthon's Omega Form. It is awarded after beating Scott Cawthon in Hard Mode.

Chipper's Revenge Trophy

ChipperRevengeTrophy It is a silver statue of Chipper's Revenge. It is awarded after beating Chipper's Revenge.

Fredbear's Legs Trophy

FredbearLegTrophy It is a silver statue of Fredbear's legs. It is awarded after talking to NPC Fredbear when Fredbear is the first one of your blue party.

Crying Child Trophy

ChildTrophy It is a silver statue of Crying Child without tears and has small squares as arms. It is awarded after entering a portal on Chipper's Woods that is close to Lilygear Lake and is locked by a keyblock that can only be unlocked by the Key if the player has properly set all the Clocks.

Glitched/8-bit Freddy Trophy

GlitchedFreddyTrophy It is a silver statue of a 2D 8-bit Freddy Fazbear. Is awarded after talking to Old Man Consequences.In the 1.1 update, it is awarded by just going in the 4th subtunnel without talking to Old Man Consequences.

Pearl Trophy

PearlTrophy It is a silver version of the pearl from DeeDee's Fishing Hole. It is awarded after getting the pearl on DeeDee's fishing hole 5 times.

Fan Trophy

Fan It is a silver Fan with moving blades. It is awarded after unlocking all characters on a save file that is not on fixed party mode at least once.


  • Although the Child trophy has little floating "arms", Security's trophy doesn't has the "bullets" that the original Security has hovering around him.
  • The Fan is the only animated trophy.
  • Strangely, unlike in most RPGs or games in general, the trophies do not come in bronze, silver, or gold versions. Instead, all of them are colored silver.

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