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On the 13th of May FNaF World recieved a second update, it added some characters from Scott's other games (listed below). Also, in Update 2 a new area became accessible after beating the game known as the 'Backstage of the Halloween Update'.

Character List

Souldozer from The Pilgrim's Progress also appears in the Update, as the main antagonist in the Foxy Fighters minigame.


Update 2 received a whole new world as well. In this world, the new characters await to be unlocked. To unlock them, the player has to play through minigames and the better you do in them, the better character the player unlocks.

  • Although all other characters from FNaF 4 Halloween Edition appeared, Nightmare Mangle has not.
  • If you pay very close attention to the background, you can see airplanes with Foxy, Chica, and JJ in them. This showed the new minigame within this game.
  • If you look in the top left corner, you can see Chica's Magic Rainbow. She stars in a minigame and as a new boss.
  • The update was released on May 13th 2016, a Friday.
  • The popular meme "Do a barrel roll!" is mentioned in one of the minigames, Foxy Fighters. The meme itself comes from a popular Nintendo Game Star Fox, in which Peppy Hare instructs the player to "Do a Barrel Roll!"
  • Throughout all of the the mini games in Update 2, you get to play as 80% of the FNAF 1 characters. (Not counting Endo-01) You play as Freddy in Freddy in Space, Bonnie in Foxy.exe, Chica in Chica's Magic Rainbow, and Foxy in Foxy Fighters.
  • Update 2 is the first time that Baby`s voice is heard, a supposed main antagonist for a new game known as FNaF: Sister Location. Which was later proven true.

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