Waterhose is a attack used by Toy Chica, Shadow Freddy, and Nightmare Chica.

Attack type

Black (fatal).


Waterhose shoots a jet of water onto the enemy as an way to deal damage to them. The attack can kill any enemies instantly under 30% health. Unlike most insta-kill attacks in RPG`s, Waterhose can be used on any enemy, even bosses or final bosses.


  • The Word Waterhose and how effective it is may be an reference to the real life version of a water hose, as the water hose is capable of shooting an extremely poweful stream of water that not only can extinguish fire, but can also push people and objects far away.
  • This may also be an reference to how hazardous water can be on animatronics or robots, as water can destroy circuitry of robots, explaining the effectiveness of the Waterhose attack on the enemies and party members.